Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm back....and with a few projects!

Well, let me just start off by saying...This past year has been the most difficult of my life! I finished nursing school and I am waiting to take my state boards, so while I wait I have time to catch up on some crafting! YAY!!! I forgot how much fun it was! I was in desperate need of things for the yard for fall...and since I'm still a broke student I had to make my own! I had 2 small scrap sections of a privacy fence left over so I put it to good use!

I made a fence, 2 pumpkins, and a scarecrow face. I think they turned out pretty good and cost ZERO dollars...right up my alley! I love FALL, it's my favorite season. I would be perfectly happy if it was fall all year long...and so would my husband. He loves to bow hunt!

I'd like to share one last thing. I was looking through a magazine the other day and saw a picture of a basket of apples. I fell in love with that picture UNTIL I looked at the price tag...$289 ZOINKS! So, I thought it was just a basket of apples. How hard could it be? Harder than it looked that was for sure! But here is what I ended up with.

In closing let me just say, I'm glad to be back! I hope you enjoyed the projects I shared and I plan on sharing more projects with you soon.
Thanks for stopping by!

~Celebrate something every day, no matter how insignificant it may be!

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  1. Well Miss Heather it sure is good to see you back in blogland! I have know doubt that you've been a very busy momma, wife and student and I'm so glad you had time to do a few things that make you happy-like crafting! YOU amaze me. I love what you made too.
    Good luck with your state boards and I will get an email off to you soon.
    Hope you have a wonderful fall day my friend.