Friday, December 11, 2009

Having a Rough Day!

Sometimes you just want to curl up under the blankets and pretend everything is just a bad dream…it will all go away when you wake up!  Today is one of those days!!!

I'll Never Give Up

Though life may be unkind
And knock me around for a while
Though I may get a few bruises
And carry some permanent scars
I won't let it defeat me
I'll never give up
Though life may leave me crumbled
Weeping on the floor
The tears I cry today
Will be gone tomorrow
I'll stand up with new strength
With courage in my stubborn heart

Refusing to stay down
This isn't the first time
Life tried to bring an end to me
Nor is this the first time
I fought to survive
I've experienced being crushed
Many times in this life I live
Only causing me to rise again
To defiantly stare life in the face
Letting it know
That I will never give up
Life can hurt me
And kick me while I'm down
The bruises will heal
And the scars will fade with time
While I'll rise once again
To laugh in the face of life
Daring it to try again
Because I'll never give up

Written by Rachael A. Lund

Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Swap Goodies!

Just*Simply*Prim*Friends Swap

I have not been very good this year, thought I was on the Naughty list but my Santa must have thought differently!  I got the most awesome bunch of goodies!  Tamara, Thank you so very much. I will treasure everything for many years!

I had to take pics without flash…everything sparkled so magicaly I wanted you to see these wonderful creations.

Photo0166  Photo0168 Photo0167 Photo0176 Photo0174

I am so touched of how thoughtful and generous all of the prim ladies are that I have met via blogs, message boards, etc. Although we have never met face to face I feel that we have this special bond that ties us all together!  We are prim friends for life!

Primmies Rule! :0)

Happy Holidays to All!

xx HUGS xx


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Things I’ve Been Working On

I have had this intense need to craft lately.  With little money for extras around the holidays I have been searching high and low around the house for things to create.  Here’s what I came up with…it doesn’t compare to some of the wonderful things I have seen all of you ladies in prim world create but I am happy with them. Thanks for looking!


*a couple of paper mache boxes I jazzed up

*scrap 2x4 I mod podged

*gingerbread and snowmen ornies I made

* a small Tea can that I added a grunged up window candle, greenery, pips finished with a  bow.

* an old flour sifter that I found in a out building (original rust…lol) added grunged window candle, greenery, gingerbread, candy canes, and pips

* a replica tea pot that I bought at a yardsale this summer. added a twiggy tree, snowman ornies, homespun, pips, rusted bells, and topped with a salt dough star.

* Snowmen made out of mens socks (filled with scented rice) clove eyes nose and buttons, ,rafia, homespun, button and wire arms.

I plan on giving some away as gifts and probably will keep the rest!

I fed the need to create and had lots of fun!



I also received my APP xmas swap package this week…check out all of my goodies!  Thanks Juanita from It’s Harvest Time…it’s been fun!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

My baby girl turned 2 and my RAK from Kristine


On Monday my baby girl turned 2…it is bittersweet!    My husband and I always wanted 4 children but with this economy and with the 3 children we already have we have decided Claire will be our last.  She  is the greatest little girl!  She is so sweet and loving with a touch of tomboy!  She takes flying leaps from furniture (she knows NO fear), gets dirty from head to toe, and likes to cuddle and watch Sesame Street.  She is my baby and always will be.   It really amazes me how unique each child is.  I love watching them grow and blossom…just wish it didn’t happen so fast!


She hated everyone staring at her…she would not SMILE!


This morning I got up did a load of laundry, threw dinner in the crock pot and then my sick baby awoke. She came down the stairs this morning and said "Mommy, where's eye?"(she just turned 2 on Monday). She started complaining of her ear hurting yesterday and her eye started gooping up last night. She woke up this morning with her eye completely matted shut. She has been fighting a cough and congestion for about 2 weeks...I think it's time to go the pedi. After wiping the goopy eye and fixing her breakfast, the mail came. I just assumed it was my xmas swap package...until I looked at the address. Then I thought...did I sign up for another swap that I forgot about ??? I opened the box and it was some wonderful goodies from Kristine! While unwrapping my wonderful goodies it brought a tear to my eye. How very Kind of her to brighten my day!  Thank You Kristine!


I hope everyone has a great weekend!

*** Happy Holidays! ***