Friday, October 30, 2009

Two Witches and a Wizard!

Hello All!
Well, the kids went Trick or Treating last night, they looked so cute! Claire will be 2 next month and she insisted on walking the whole time. She wouldn't let people put her treats in her bucket she had to take them from their hands and put in her bucket herself. I think she was taking a mental inventory of it Addisyn my 7 year old was a very cute witch...I loved how her costume came together! Tanner was eating candy as fast as he was getting it so I had to pull him over to the side and remind him that there bad people in the world and mommy and daddy have to check all his candy. All in all it was a nice evening to trick or treat!

And as promised here is the pictures of the goodies I got the other day.

$25 for the hutch. With a little tlc and paint it will make a perfect place to display more prims.

The window was $15 it measures 24in. wide by 53 in. long. I think it would be perfect for a window cupboard! Just don't think hubby will get around to that anytime soon. The wooden rake thingy (tech, name??) was $20. If you have one I would love to see how you have displayed it.
I'm hoping to work on the hutch this excited. I am trying to put together my primitive wish list, but there are sooo many things! I hope to post it soon.
Have a GREAT weekend!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sign up for these wonderful giveaways!

The kids have kept me pretty busy, so I haven't posted in a few days. I'm getting Halloween costumes finished, getting ready for parties, and the everyday things you do with 3 kids. I'd like to thank everyone for the Birthday wishes. My family had a surprise party for me on Sunday so it was a lot of fun! I didn't get to make it to the antique shops like I'd hoped, but I did stop at a shop yesterday a purchased a few goodies. I'll show pictures soon. In the meantime here are a few giveaways that you can check out. These ladies are very talented!! Please tell them Heather sent ya! Have a Great day! :o)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A few more auction and Goodwill finds.

Just wanted to share a few more of my finds. The past couple of weeks I have found some good stuff at auctions and Goodwill.

This is a print $4.59 I found at Goodwill, it is signed and numbered 689/1000. I really like the print! Just need to frame it! Then there 2 little pillows $1 and wire basket .29. I thought they would come in handy.

(Sorry really bad pic)
Then we have a little window shelf .89, Kraft cheese box $2, a goose looking thing free, a cutting board the has been painted black $1.49, a mail holder .89 and a giant clothes pin .89. The little window shelf has 2 pegs and a heart cut out in the center, I've gotta find some way to cover up the heart. I'll probably put some pips etc. in the Kraft box. Goose, I'm not sure yet. Cutting board I'd like to paint as a game board, just gotta cover up that dang heart. I'll just find a place in my laundry room for the giant clothes pin. The mail holder I'll probably repaint, not sure if I'll keep it. Any suggestions on how to cover up the hearts??

Pussywillow basket $1, wooden bowl and paddle $13, 2 sconces $1.89 1 is already primmed up just needs stained, 2 candle sticks $1, a whimsical rooster .69, a rocking horse .59 that looks hand carved, a rolling pin $3, and a wooden candle box $1.49.

2 Crocks and a bowl ( for all 3 I spent abour $50), a corn husk doll free, a small bottle free , and a really old oak mirror $5.

Sorry if I've bored you with everything. I think all in all I have gotten some good treasures. Today is my birthday so I asked the hubby to take me to the antique shops. Hopefully I'll have more to show soon!

Thanks for looking!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Just a few bargains!

Well, I was driving down the road on a Thursday afternoon when I came upon a few cars parked along the road. It peeked my curiosity, so I turned down this little side street. It was a last minute auction! The owners were moving and needed to sale their stuff asap. Since it was 4pm on a Thursday not many people showed. Good for me, right?! I was able to score a few goodies and would like to show them to you.

I paid $10 for all!!! The sampler and crock pic was $8 and the most exciting thing I got the chandelier for $2, can you believe it TWO BUCKS?! The candle stick on the right has some white paint that runs down on the tin. I'm gonna try to take some paint remover and scrub it off. It does work and for $2 I could not pass it up!!! I just LOVE auctions!

Well, I'm gonna start trying to become a regular blogger. I love reading other blogs and getting inspired by everyones great finds and craftiness. So please check back for more!

Thanks for visiting! ~Heather