Friday, December 11, 2009

Having a Rough Day!

Sometimes you just want to curl up under the blankets and pretend everything is just a bad dream…it will all go away when you wake up!  Today is one of those days!!!

I'll Never Give Up

Though life may be unkind
And knock me around for a while
Though I may get a few bruises
And carry some permanent scars
I won't let it defeat me
I'll never give up
Though life may leave me crumbled
Weeping on the floor
The tears I cry today
Will be gone tomorrow
I'll stand up with new strength
With courage in my stubborn heart

Refusing to stay down
This isn't the first time
Life tried to bring an end to me
Nor is this the first time
I fought to survive
I've experienced being crushed
Many times in this life I live
Only causing me to rise again
To defiantly stare life in the face
Letting it know
That I will never give up
Life can hurt me
And kick me while I'm down
The bruises will heal
And the scars will fade with time
While I'll rise once again
To laugh in the face of life
Daring it to try again
Because I'll never give up

Written by Rachael A. Lund