Saturday, October 24, 2009

A few more auction and Goodwill finds.

Just wanted to share a few more of my finds. The past couple of weeks I have found some good stuff at auctions and Goodwill.

This is a print $4.59 I found at Goodwill, it is signed and numbered 689/1000. I really like the print! Just need to frame it! Then there 2 little pillows $1 and wire basket .29. I thought they would come in handy.

(Sorry really bad pic)
Then we have a little window shelf .89, Kraft cheese box $2, a goose looking thing free, a cutting board the has been painted black $1.49, a mail holder .89 and a giant clothes pin .89. The little window shelf has 2 pegs and a heart cut out in the center, I've gotta find some way to cover up the heart. I'll probably put some pips etc. in the Kraft box. Goose, I'm not sure yet. Cutting board I'd like to paint as a game board, just gotta cover up that dang heart. I'll just find a place in my laundry room for the giant clothes pin. The mail holder I'll probably repaint, not sure if I'll keep it. Any suggestions on how to cover up the hearts??

Pussywillow basket $1, wooden bowl and paddle $13, 2 sconces $1.89 1 is already primmed up just needs stained, 2 candle sticks $1, a whimsical rooster .69, a rocking horse .59 that looks hand carved, a rolling pin $3, and a wooden candle box $1.49.

2 Crocks and a bowl ( for all 3 I spent abour $50), a corn husk doll free, a small bottle free , and a really old oak mirror $5.

Sorry if I've bored you with everything. I think all in all I have gotten some good treasures. Today is my birthday so I asked the hubby to take me to the antique shops. Hopefully I'll have more to show soon!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Great stuff!! Good for you. I would get a wooden star to cover up the out dated heart.
    Hope you have great luck today and Happy Birthday.

  2. WOW - What great GW finds. You really made out...there is tons of great stuff. Where about in Ohio are you located? I live in London, Ohio.
    Welcome to blogland!! Can't wait to see more goodies that you fine.


  3. Great finds!!! Audrey is right....find some stars and cover the hearts up!I am so excited to have you as a swap partner and I look forward to getting to know ya! have a blessed day!