Friday, October 30, 2009

Two Witches and a Wizard!

Hello All!
Well, the kids went Trick or Treating last night, they looked so cute! Claire will be 2 next month and she insisted on walking the whole time. She wouldn't let people put her treats in her bucket she had to take them from their hands and put in her bucket herself. I think she was taking a mental inventory of it Addisyn my 7 year old was a very cute witch...I loved how her costume came together! Tanner was eating candy as fast as he was getting it so I had to pull him over to the side and remind him that there bad people in the world and mommy and daddy have to check all his candy. All in all it was a nice evening to trick or treat!

And as promised here is the pictures of the goodies I got the other day.

$25 for the hutch. With a little tlc and paint it will make a perfect place to display more prims.

The window was $15 it measures 24in. wide by 53 in. long. I think it would be perfect for a window cupboard! Just don't think hubby will get around to that anytime soon. The wooden rake thingy (tech, name??) was $20. If you have one I would love to see how you have displayed it.
I'm hoping to work on the hutch this excited. I am trying to put together my primitive wish list, but there are sooo many things! I hope to post it soon.
Have a GREAT weekend!


  1. Love that hutch! And you're right...the window will be perfect on a cupboard. I've seen in done with smaller windows but this will truly be AWESOME!

  2. love what you picked up!! Great job. Just keep the window safe..I picked up a small set of doors and after about 2 years hubby came through for me. It was worth the wait!!