Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One of My "Other" Passions

My oldest daughter turned 8 how time flies! I get so caught up in the hustle and bustle with the daily chores, preparing meals, homework, all the things that mommy's do I forget to treasure each and every day with my kids. They grow up so fast!
Now onto my other passion. I love photography! I have been looking into taking some classes, trying to find a photography club or something to help me gain the knowledge I need to pursue this hobby. I just like taking pictures and with the right knowledge I think I could be pretty good. I would ultimately love to do photography and prims to help bring in some $$. I have talked with a photgrapher that I met via her blog and she was self taught and has encouraged me to persue more. I just need to learn the know-how and practice...practice...practice! Not to mention buying an AWESOME camera. Hopefully I can stay focused and make this a reality! Here a few of pics of my kids that I took thiss past summer and fall.
As you look at the pictures please don't judge too harshly, just remember I am not a pro. I just like pretty pictures!

Thanks for looking!
Have a HaPPy Wednesday!


  1. The pictures are darling! I say go for it! If it's what you love to do you might as well try making a dollar or two. You seem to have many talents for a busy young mom ;)

  2. Awesome pictures, but your kids are beautiful

  3. Heather, those are wonderful! You should continue to pursue your dream! Your children are beautiful! Love all your pictures! So cool with the black & white and a touch of color! Jayne

  4. Hi Heather
    Your Children look Awesome! I love your pictures!

    Hugs BeCca
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