Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jar Labels and Valentine Tree

The past two weeks has been COLD. I have lived like a hermit! I am officially going stir CRAZY! I had planned on going to GW yesterday (since it's been ages) but the kids didn't have school AGAIN. I have been looking at all the GREAT finds everyone has been getting at GW lately and I started *jonesin real bad. Tomorrow is the day I go to stopping me! Being cooped up is for the birds! I made myself a little Valentine tree, since I had nothing prim for Valentines Day. It turned out really cute. I wish the pic of it did it justice. I've also been busy creating pantry jar labels so I thought I'd share a few with my fellow bloggers. Hope you enjoy!

*A word used to describe an intense craving for a [drug] GW a drug?

Valentine Tree

Pantry Jar Labels ~Hope you enjoy!~

If you like the labels let me know and I will try to start posting more!
Happy Hump Day!



  1. Your tree and hearts is really great - just might have to do smthg similar. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love your valentine tree! Those labels are great! You are very creative! Hope you get to GW today! Wishing you good finds!

  3. Hi Heather...first off I love your blog background setup...too cute.
    Second....I see you are a follower of mine...THANKS AND WELCOME!

    What an adorable Valentine tree!
    You are very talented to be making labels!

  4. LOve, Love your tree. It is simply beuatiful. Nice labels too.

  5. You talented little thing! Love the labels and the tree creation. Hope you get to go scouting the GW today!

  6. i love your valentine tree. i did one ,too. yes,the labels are wonderful!!

  7. Love the tree and thank you for the great labels. Will visit again!!!

  8. I love them Heather. I for sure would love to see more.
    Thanks so did an awesome job!!
    The Prim Patch